Do you have a foreign education that you want to use in Sweden?
You can get your previous education/grades validated. Sometimes it is enough to translate the grades and achieved knowledge. But most of the times, some courses need to be completed and added to the education for it to correspond with the Swedish education system.


Did you work within a profession abroad and want to continue that in Sweden?
If you don’t have a formal education, validation is a great way to start. That is the start to prove your knowledge within a profession, and might help to shorten or adapt the education you are interested in.

How to validate your grades and/or your skills:

If you want to work:

If you have been working in another country and want to continue your profession in Sweden, you might be able to look for a job without validating your knowledge or go to school.

However, some professions are regulated and therefore needs education and/or validation. You might need to confirm your skills. This is where validation comes in handy.

If you want to study:

There are different ways go get an education as an adult. This is how to do it. 

Adult vocational education.
Are you older than 20 and don’t have grades from upper secondary school, but want to study? Contact Komvux in your home municipality and they will help you validate your previous knowledge. Read more here » (link in Swedish)

Higher vocational education
Interested in a higher vocational education, but don’t have the necessary grades and certificates? You might get accepted anyways, if you can show that you have previous experience and skills in the profession.