Older than 20?

Are you older than 20 years and want to get a vocational education?

If you don’t have complete grades from upper secondary school:
Want to study, even though you don’t have grades from upper secondary school? An option for you is to choose a vocational education on the same level as upper secondary school, but for adults. The courses are provided by the municipal education, komvux, in your home municipality. The term for such an education is yrkesvux. At yrkesvux, you’ll always learn through practical work under guidance from a supervisor. That means you can work at a real workplace during your education, in order to learn the craft and get your own contacts in the business. After finishing yrkesvux, you get grades correspondent to upper secondary school level.

If you do have complete grades from upper secondary school:
Finished upper secondary school, but want to get a vocational education? Sounds like Yrkeshögskolan is something for you.

It translates to Higher vocational education, and it is a post-secondary form of education. It combines teoretical and practical studies in close cooperation with employers and industry. There are different courses in different crafts and professions. Most education forms are 1-2 years.

It is up to the school do decide the level on Swedish required for the courses. Contact the school if you have questions.

If you have a foreign education:
Did you study in another country? You might not need to go to school here too, or you might be able to shorten your education, depending on your previous grades and knowledges.