Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions with replies. Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact us here »

What is YourSkills and do you offer any courses? 

YourSkills is an initiative to raise the quality and attraction of vocational education. WorldSkills Sweden is behind the initiative and is a collaboration between the Government and the labor market. We do not offer any courses. Read more about the education system in Sweden here. »


I’m looking for a job. Can you help me? 

No, we can’t help you finding a job. Contact Arbetsförmedlingen here »


What do I need to work in Sweden? 

Nationality from within the EU: You can work without any permits. Nationality from outside of EU: You’ll need a residence permit or a working permit. Read more here: Migrationsverket »


Can you help me getting a driver’s license? 

No. The Swedish Transport Agency issues drivers’ licenses. Read more here » 


How can I communicate with you? I have some questions. 

We love to talk to you! Contact us on Facebook. Let’s talk in Arabic, Farsi, English or Swedish. You’ll find us here »


How can I verify or validate my previous skills? 

The easiest way is through Arbetsförmedlingen or through the trade you’ve been working within. Contact us and we can help you sort it out. Also, read more here »


I have studied abroad. Will my foreign education have the same value in Sweden? 

That is a matter that the Swedish Council for Higher Education can help you with. Click here for help in Swedish. For information in English, click here »


How many vocational programs are there? 

There are 12 vocational programs, click in each to learn more.